My Holistic Model for a Growing a Meaningful, Sustainable Practice
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First impressions are really important.   Naturally, in caring for the wellbeing of your clients, you want them to feel at ease.

Clients will feel at ease when you create a consistent, quality experience for them, throughout every aspect of your practice, every time.

This develops trust.  And, trust builds loyalty.

Clearly, this is a process.  Believe me, I’ve been through a few start-ups and several re-inventions of my own, and had often wished for a short-cut that could somehow, magically, make everything come together.  Yet, the process of growth builds a certain strength and confidence that are incredibly valuable and meaningful.

No matter what you’ll want to work with someone you feel really good about working with, using a system and approach that makes sense to you.  Check it out…you may find what I offer to be exactly what you wish for.

The Five Modules

Below you’ll find an overview of the five modules I offer that bring structure, growth and stability to your practice, necessary for sustainability, whether you work for yourself, or someone else.

The modules are offered at three levels (found beyond the description of the modules): Basic, enhanced, and proficient. The time frame it takes for each of the levels depends on which step(s) you choose to work with (I’m happy to help you choose), and how much time it takes you to move through them. Everyone is different.  I can tell you, however, that at a minimum you can expect to work with me for three months.  If you choose to work with the “proficient” level, you are looking at about one year. We talk more about this during your complementary, no-obligation consultation.

How we work together through the modules is explained in more detail here (link: My Approach)

Module #1:

Your Foundation

Do you have vague or conflicting ideas of what you want to create?  Are you clear but need to put a plan into place?

No matter which other module(s) you choose, this is where it all starts.  Here you will clarify your vision (personal and professional), bring to light your potential, reveal and begin to remove obstacles that could get in the way of what you want, and turn your ideas into a functional, strategic plan that is easy and fun to create.  When you work with intention and potential, and put your plan of action into place, you ignite the spark for your vision to take form.

Module #2

Your Ideal Work:

Are you worried about filling your practice week to week, month to month? Are you wondering how to stand out from the remarkable number of massage therapists?

In this module you will learn how to attract the people you most want to work with, doing the work you most love to do.  If you haven’t already, you’ll clarify what’s truly unique about you, and put that uniqueness to work for you. You’ll also strategize ways to find your ideal clients, and put approaches into place to keep them coming back.  Once you fully understand and implement this essential marketing approach, you will find it easier to attract clients, and grow your business.

Module #3

Your Practice:

Are you running your business by winging-it, even some of the time? Do you struggle with the day to day management? Is it hard for you to initiate or stick to policies, raise your rates?

Creating and adhering to procedures and standards for every aspect of your business conveys competence and reliability, and is a key factor in the success of your career.  Through the efficient and effective management of your practice your clients will know what to expect, which is very reassuring. You’ll also free up your valuable time and energy.

Module #4

Your Touch & Presence

Do you sometimes wonder about the quality or effectiveness of your touch?  Where is your attention throughout the massage?

Your touch is the very heart of your work. No matter the modality, refined sensitivity and skill -while caring for your body throughout the massage, and remaining client-centered is essential.   Your ability to establish a safe and supportive environment through your touch and presence will place you in high regard by all who come under your care.

Module #5


Are you tired, even exhausted at the end of the day? Is your need for deeper, expansive self-care affecting your ability to be more fully present, even happier in your day to day life?

This module is all about you.  We all have challenges to our mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing, and whether or not you attend to these challenges has a direct impact on all aspects of your life, including the successful management, growth, and sustainability of your practice.  Taking care of yourself across the many aspects of self-care will keep you from feeling depleted, minimize your risk of burn-out, and ultimately nurture a sense of poise and power within.

The Three Levels

1.    Basic:  You feel rather comfortable where you are at with your business and your life in general, but think a little fine tuning would be a good idea. Or, you just want to try us out.  Here you work with “Your Foundation” and one other module of your choice.

2.    Enhanced:  You know that your business could improve by bringing attention to several areas you’ve sort of let slide. This level includes “Your Foundation” and two other modules of your choice.

3.    Proficient:  Here you work with all the modules.  This is for the massage therapist just starting out on their own, or those who believe that fine-tuning all aspects of their current business is in order. Note: This level also includes the module having to do with honing in on your self-care.

If you are unsure which of the modules to choose, I’d be happy to help you figure it out during your complementary, no-obligation consultation.

Something For Every Budget   (This is also a drop down in the What We Do category.  Also, instead of numbers, how about bullets?  Blacked circles and white-inside circles for bullets inside of bulleted paragraphs?

Because everyone comes to my business for support from different walks of life, and because I wish to be supportive to all who seek my services, I offer programs for all budgets.

1.    Free one-hour monthly tele-conference support:

Each month Massage Therapists come together in a friendly, positive, collaborative     environment to support each other by offering solutions to challenges, and sharing     successes. For more information on how to participate, click here  ______ (Melanie?!).

2.    Live and tele-conference facilitated Mastermind Groups:

The purpose of a mastermind group is to grow both professionally and personally within     a structured environment that offers support for each other by its members. Members     brainstorm ideas, create goals, give feedback, take action, and keep each other     accountable and on track.  Your commitment is to yourself and to the group. While     facilitated, the focus is on the group, not the facilitator.  Acceptance into a group is     via application. Click here ______ (Melanie?!) for more information.

•    Four to six participants per group meet 1x/month for two hours

•    There are two types of groups: One for self-employed massage therapists, the other for massage therapists who are employees.

•    Fee: $50 per person, per month.  Special Offer: Join my first live and first tele-conference Mastermind Group and pay ½ the fee for the first six months.

•    Commitment:  Six months with the option for continued commitment, decided by the group.

3.    Private coaching and mentoring:

Here you receive undivided attention.  If you haven’t already done so, check out What We Do link and My Approach link for more information.


•    Meet 2x/month for 1-hour to 75-minutes each session: $225 per month
Includes unlimited e mail support

•    Meet 4x/month for 1-hour to 75-minutes each session: $400 per month.
Includes unlimited e-mail support, plus one additional 10-minute “get unstuck”     call per month.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.  The secret of getting started is breaking
your complex, overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”   –   Mark Twain