Is This You?

  • You are thinking about starting your own practice, and wonder if you have what it takes to make it happen.
  • You have taken first steps in opening your practice, and feel overwhelmed with handling the mind-boggling amount of details that follow.
  • You’ve tried different things to attract clients, and continue to get so-so results.
  • You want support in handling challenging clients.
  • You wish your massage school could have given you more personalized attention and support with the hands-on portion of your training.
  • Your self-care is suffering.
  • Your boundaries are weak.
  • You feel like giving up on your career because it’s just too competitive.
  • You’ve taken advantage of the abundance of wonderful information on-line, and still feel stuck.
  • You feel isolated.

My clients are compassionate, talented Massage Therapists who are committed to making a difference in the lives of others – on and off the table.  And, they were feeling a lot like you until we started working together.

I created The Massage Entrepreneur to be a source of support, inspiration and motivation.

How would it feel to stop worrying, to stop wondering if you’ve got what it takes? Let’s figure things out…together.

Check out My Approach for more information on what you can expect from me, and how our work together can make the road ahead easier for you to travel.