Coaching & Mentoring

Collaboration is a powerful way to accomplish what seems unattainable on your own. Through caring, insightful, skilled support, and a no-nonsense approach, I help you get from where you are to where you want to be.


Coaching is action-oriented and solution-focused.

Why coaching works

  • We tap your knowledge, experience, strengths, values, resources, intuition and creativity – your inner reservoir for manifesting fulfillment in your work and your life.
  •  We assess, clarify, prioritize, strategize, assess risk, and problem-solve, so you are making clear choices all along the way to where you want to go.
  • You are challenged to stretch yourself beyond your fears and behaviors that keep you stuck so you can achieve higher levels of performance.
  • You implement your ideas step-by-step, and we track your progress.
  • Often clients find themselves accomplishing what they set out to do at an accelerated, yet comfortable pace.
  • Your self-awareness and learning is expanded and deepened.

The power of coaching cannot be understated: Self-reliance and self-confidence are natural outcomes of the coaching process, and fundamental for sustained, meaningful success.


Mentors are role models, often experts in their field.  It’s great to have someone who has “been there and done that” to help show you the way. While my work is primarily focused on coaching, I sometimes share from my experience.  It is always up to you to choose whether you want this kind of help.


2017 Fees:


Two 60-minute coaching sessions per month. A six month minimum for new clients is suggested.*

Unlimited E mail support


Four 60-minute coaching sessions per month.  A three month minimum for new clients is suggested.*

Unlimited E mail support

10 minutes of additional phone support between sessions for a quick check in or to share a success.  This is not an actual coaching session.


The first session runs about 90 minutes. There is an additional fee of $40 for the first session.

* Essential to the effectiveness of coaching is regularly scheduled sessions to build and maintain momentum toward reaching your goal(s). 

Where Do We Meet?

While I meet with most of my clients by phone, I may be able to meet in person in Concord, MA.  There is an additional fee for meetings in person outside of Concord.

For a complementary consultation to answer your questions, and help you decide if coaching is right for you, contact me here.