“I’m happier, more relaxed, less stressed”

Brianne has helped me to start paying attention to what’s really important to me, and as a result my priorities have shifted.  I’m living my life very differently than I did just a couple of years ago. I’m more patient with myself, and that feels good.  I’m recognizing that life is more than just my work; I’m beginning to live a more -well rounded life.  I am happier, more relaxed, and less stressed.

Brianne, you are a very good coach.

Pauline D.
Business Coach
Boston MA


“Empowering Experience”

“I was feeling overwhelmed by everything involved with running my massage practice, and needed assistance to grow the business. By being in the support group I was continually focused on what I love about massage as well as feeling supported by Brianne and other participants through any challenges I was facing.  I got great coaching, too!  It was a wonderfully positive and empowering experience, and at a cost in line with my small business budget.”

Kelley Silva
Owner, All About the Massage
Westford, MA



“I would recommend this support group to others. I think it’s a good place to work on issues anyone may encounter while starting a massage business, or just trying to figure out what their next step is.  Brianne is uplifting. She has had a lot of experience and a wealth of knowledge to share. And you learn a lot from the other people in the group, too.”

This Massage Therapist has chosen to withhold her name


“Makes a huge difference”

I met Brianne in a small mastermind business group for women that ran for six weeks. She immediately struck me as a very creative person, coming up with ideas for everyone no matter where they were at in their development.  Soon after that group ended, I joined a support group that Brianne leads through the Dream Factory Community.  I have been in that group for over a year.  I am grateful for Brianne’s sensitivity to everyone; she is great to talk with and is supportive in every way. Having Brianne in my corner makes a huge difference as I grow my health coaching practice.  I think she is a great coach, and would absolutely recommend her to anyone seeking support.

Linsey Hurley
Holistic Health Counselor
Acton, MA


“Extremely fruitful process”

“The quadrant process you took me through definitely beats the old “pros and cons list.” I felt very much heard, and your style of asking questions, not interjecting your own story, and re-directing my focus when I started to go off on tangents was excellent; it allowed me to make new connections in my thinking that I wouldn’t have made had I gotten off track. I felt myself being stretched to thoroughly search every section of my brain leaving no thought uncovered, while becoming very aware of how I felt energetically. I was able to make a clear choice as a result, and this left me feeling light and happy, my heart hopeful.

It was an extremely fruitful process that, along with your personality and experience, brought me wonderful reassurance that I am on the right path.”

Jeanine Calabria
Maynard, MA


“Helped me gain clarity”

“Brianne is insightful and intuitive, and she held me accountable for doing the things that I set out to do!  She has a no-nonsense approach to coaching that helped me gain clarity and accomplish my goals with ease.”

Pamela Sotir Beaudet
Business and Personal Development Coach
Walpole, MA


“Integrity with no room for agendas”

“I have sense of being held in your cupped hands and being moved without being spilled, and this with a modulated voice that declares your integrity and your caring with no room for agendas. I am always impressed by the cool and committed way you do your coaching.”

John Clark
Creativity Coach
Orleans, MA


“An angel of a coach”

“I remember you giving me a massage and you could feel all this emotion coming up and you were coaching me through its birth.  I remember wailing on the table and you were divine, a goddess, an angel of a coach.  You have such talent and are such a healing presence on this planet.  Thank you for being here.”

Hilary Illick
Life Coach, Hoffman Process Faculty, Author
Belmont, MA


“Motivating and insightful”

“Brianne is an energetic, motivating, and insightful coach. She has partnered with me to reach a new level of productivity and balance.  Any person who would like to optimize their life can benefit from Brianne’s help.”

Angela Varner
IT Manager


“Coached me to clarity”

“I had some important life decisions to make regarding the location of my home and artist’s studio.  Brianne coached me through what seemed to me to be a morass of conflicting needs to find clarity and an approach to decision making which should serve me well in the future in other situations.”

Marge Minkin
Sudbury, MA


“Just the thing I needed”

“Breaking down my goals into small tasks was just the thing I needed to begin what felt like an overwhelming challenge.  Coaching has really given me a boost to get back to an organized, more efficient, and therefore MORE FUN life!”

Susan Moran
Massage Therapist
Missoula, MT


“Down to earth approach”

“I want to thank you on behalf of myself and the attendees for your outstanding presentation on the role and purpose of a Life Coach.  You were inspiring and I know you got people thinking about the issues you discussed.  I heard only positive feedback about the ice breaker, the wheel, your lecture content and style, and above all your down to earth approach when you answered questions.”

Presentation organizer for Moving On


And about her massage…


“Exceptional listening skills”

“Brianne is an incredibly sensitive and caring person.  Her insights, wisdom, and knowledge are clear and profound. She has exceptional listening skills, and a wonderful ability to understand and empower people. She brings all these attributes to her massage. She’s the best massage therapist we have ever experienced.”

Joan & Steve Belkin
Weston, MA


“Uncanny sensitivity”

“I’m a bass player and I’ve been touring for about a quarter century.  To stay healthy and survive road life I have worked with many different massage therapists over the years, and I have developed a sense of what makes a great one.  In my opinion, Brianne is just about the best I’ve ever worked with, and a big part of this is her uncanny sensitivity.  Like music, massage is a form of communication, and it requires someone like Brianne to have a great conversation.”



“Key differentiator is her intuition”

“Brianne’s key differentiator is her intuition towards people, not only their bodies, but – and perhaps more importantly, their spirit.”

Diane T.


“One of the very elite”

“Brianne upholds the highest standards of the profession of massage therapy. She’s one of the very elite therapists in her field.  I say this with the full weight of my 19 years of experience as a Massage Therapist.”

Rick Robiar
Massage Therapist
Brookline, MA


“Loving, thoughtful”

“Brianne makes each and every massage unique and has a loving, thoughtful, innate sense as to what a body needs.  Her massage reflects her caring nature combined with her wonderful technical, deeply soothing technique.”

Susan Solomont
Weston, MA


“No massage better”

“I have known Brianne for 20 years.  I have traveled the world and have had countless massages.  I must say, in any spa or hotel I’ve been to I’ve never had a massage better than Brianne’s.”

Terry Hamilton
Chestnut Hill, MA