Why I Created The Massage Entrepreneur

Brianne Krupsaw

For many on the entrepreneurial path, opening the doors of your own business or keeping them open can feel like a daunting task.

There’s also a tendency for helping professionals to put others needs before their own, leading to high levels of stress, even burnout.

I get it. Throughout my thirty years as a Massage Therapist I’ve reinvented my career a few times, and have skirted burnout more than once.

My massage career started in 1985 when I graduated from the Atlanta School of Massage, on a whim, really. Massage was hardly the well-known and valued profession it is today. I found myself in an awkward position striving to grow a practice in a climate that was rather wary of it.

It was also an exciting time; I saw opportunity everywhere. I broke new ground on several occasions, and learned along the way it’s not what’s happening “out there” that determines success, it’s who you are and how you approach life that makes the difference.

Of course, there’s always details like planning, prioritizing, budgeting, organizing, strategizing, etc.

I’ve often imagined myself “passing the torch,” being a source of support, inspiration, and motivation for other Massage Therapists and body workers. As a trained, experienced, and skilled Coach, I’ve got even more of what it takes to make that happen.

This is why I created The Massage Entrepreneur: When you partner with me, you make the choice to commit fully to the vision you hold for yourself, both personally and professionally. My role? I’ll have your back until you feel confident you have accomplished what you set out to do.

Massage Initiatives

  • Employed at the first Neuromuscular Therapy Center in Atlanta, Georgia, now called Gabriel Center for Massage Therapy
  • Launched on-site massage for Concert/Southern Promotions. I was one of two women nationally offering this service, now a central part of concert productions everywhere
  • Established massage for women at the Ritz Carlton, Atlanta. At the time offered to men only, by men only
  • Managed Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires’ Massage Department at their opening. I wrote the department’s Standards, Policy and Procedures; interviewed applicants; supported my staff of 35 through challenging guest interactions; and more. Stepped down in 1991, and joined my staff earning a reputation as one of the Ranch’s most frequently requested therapists
  • Created the on-site continuing education program for Massage Therapists at Canyon Ranch, still in existence
  • Collaborated with the Town of Lenox (MA) in determining standards for their new policy of licensing Massage Therapists
  • Launched on-site massage at the Williamstown Theater Festival
  • Organized, managed and employed several massage therapists catering to the guests of the Berkshires high-end inns

In 1994, I moved to eastern Massachusetts where I continue to see clients in private practice, some of whom have been with me for more than 22 years. I have worked with adults and children from all walks of life, many of whom are high profile from music, film, television and corporate industries; Sting, Jimmy Buffet, Joan Baez, Phish, Mary Tyler Moore, Annie Leibovitz, Donna Karan, Clarence Clemons, and Aerosmith among them.

From Massage Therapist to Coach

About twenty years into my massage career, I heard about coaching and how it helps people gain greater clarity, focus and momentum for achieving their goals. So, I hired a coach to support me in reaching a few of my own.

Inspired by the process, I decided to study coaching, and became certified by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) in 2006. I completed advanced competency training with Master Certified Coach Amorah Ross of Positive Life Works, and continue to take classes to sharpen my skill. I am designated an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF).

I have written and facilitated several “success principles” and self-care workshops, which I have presented at NERC, AMTA-NH, AMTA-MA, and The Massage School, Boston, MA.

Ongoing professional development

For over thirty years, I’ve attended numerous continuing education workshops (and hold other certifications) in the field of bodywork, personal development, and now coaching.  I received my BA in Psychology from Cambridge College in 1999, and in 2000, certification from Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health as Holistic Lifestyle Educator.

Current Volunteer Engagement

Since 2013  International Coach Federation of New England – Board Member – Logistics VP

Since 2012  Annual Coaches Corner for the MA Conference for Women –  Logistics

2013 – 2015  Dream Factory Community – Support Group Facilitator

Since the 1970’s I’ve volunteered in various ways:  Hospital pediatrics “play therapist”, “soup” kitchens, visits & food delivery to seniors in need, several political campaigns, random acts of kindness…

And…One of my most favorite things to do

I love to travel on an off the beaten path here and abroad, and have done a fair amount of solo travel: I totally get what it feels like to step outside your comfort zone!